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Meet the new CIAC Marketplace

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Given the large number of offers of Webinars, Trainings, Activities, Conferences, Services, Products and Seminars, from the CIAC we make available to all members a MARKETPLACE where you can upload all those activities you offer, in a more visual way and easy to reach all CIAC members.

All these activities will be disseminated through the e-mail of all CIAC members.


To do this, we offer you this short tutorial so you can start using it!


Go to the member area


Within the members area, you will find the "Marketplace" section



Once you have accessed the Marketplace section, you will be able to generate a new offer in the NEW section

From here, you can fill in the corresponding fields.

1.       You can add the title of your activity, training, workshop, webinar ...

2.       Your organization will automatically appear (If not, you can send an e-mail to

3.       You can assign any member of your organization to appear in the offer

4.       You can select if you want to offer an activity, training, conference, webinar ...

5.       Start date

6.       End date

7.       Price (optional), if it’s free, you can leave the space

8.       You can mention the frequency of the offer (whether sporadic, monthly, annual ...)

9.       Description of the activity (Don't forget to include the link of your activity, product or service)

10.     With this option, you can save and send an email only to members of your organization in trial mode

11.     Once completed, an e-mail will be sent to all CIAC members

12.     The listing will not be saved

13.     In this button, once the offer has been published, you can edit it and, if you wish, delete it.

In this way we hope to help revitalize a little more and a little better in the reactivation of our industry.


Don't stay out, make all the potential your organization has to offer members!